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SYA 10 is a 2-way active speaker equipped with one 10” woofer and one 1” compression driver (1” voice coil).
The system is driven by a powerful and efficient 400 W amplifier featuring dBTechnologies’ advanced DSP processing where linear phase FIR filters allow the systems to deliver a coherent audio performance, uniform and crystal-clear from every listening position.
Moreover, users are enabled to enhance lower and upper frequencies with the convenient DSP preset function.
All cabinets feature 3 INPUT channels with independent level management: CH 1 is a balanced combo XLR/6.3 mm Jack line/mic INPUT with a switch to select source; Ch 2 is a balanced XLR and TRS jack IN; CH 3 allows to connect any device via Bluetooth® connection.
A balanced link XLR-M Output allows connection to a second loudspeaker or a mixer. A slide switch allow to select which signal is sent to the main output: LINK (the signal is taken before any level control) MIX (the signal is determined by the level control of each channel and Main).
The solid and versatile cabinets come with a clean and contemporary full grille design, enhancing both portability thanks to 3 integrated 3 handles (1xside and 1 on top) and multifuncionality: each cabinet can be used horizontally as a stage monitor (on both sides) and features a pole mount cup with 2 tilt angle options (0° and 7.5°) to use SYA on tripods or stacked on dBTechnologies Subs.
Sya comes with its soft cover equipped with a pocket specially designed for cable storage.
Technical Data
Speaker Type - 2-Way Active Speaker
Acoustical data
Frequency Response [-10dB] - 55 - 18.000 Hz
Max SPL - 125 dB
HF - 1" CD, 1"v.c
LF - 10", 2" v.c.
Dispersion - 90°x60°
Crossover Frequency - 2000 Hz (24 dB/oct.)
Amp Technology - Class D(LF)+Class AB (HF)
Power Peak (LF+HF) - 400 W
Controls - 1xVolume, 1xslide switch mic/line
Indicators - power on/signal/limiter LEDs
Controller - DSP 20/56 bit
AD/DA Converter - 24 bit/ 48 Hz
Systems Presets - Playback, Flat, Bass Boost, Wedge
Limiter - Peak, RMS, Thermal
Advanced DSP Functions - Linear Phase FIR Filters
Signal Input - 1x Combo(XLR/Jack)
Mic/Line  - 1xXLR/TRS
Bluetooth Input - 1xBluetooth receiver
Housing - Polypropylene
Handles - 3 (2 on side 1 on top)
Angles Up - Monitor Use 40°
Pole Mount - 36 mm, double positioning
Width - 310 mm (12.2 in)
Height - 521 mm (20.51 in)
Depth - 292 mm (11.51 in)
Weight - 11.7 kg (25.79 lbs)

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