Behringer ECM8000 Measurement Condenser Microphone

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A small jazz club sounds much different from a large theater, which in turn sounds completely different from a rock arena. To get the best sound in any room, you must first understand the room's acoustics and since every room is acoustically unique, you need the right gear to dial-in consistently perfect sound.

The ECM8000 is a specialised condenser microphone designed for use with real-time analysers, such as our ULTRACURVE DEQ2496, and provides an instantaneous acoustic picture of the room. You can then use your graphic EQ to fine-tune your sound systems performance to perfectly match the response characteristics of the room. The ECM8000 is a high-precision, ultra-affordable measurement mic that should be a part of every serious audio engineer's toolkit.

Trust us, when you need it to dial-in a particularly challenging room you'll say it's worth it weight in gold!

The ECM8000's ruler-flat frequency response from 15 Hz to 20 kHz, and its omni-directional pickup pattern give you a clear, accurate reading of any room's unique sound characteristics. Like standard condenser mics used for recording or live performance, the ECM8000 requires phantom power (+15 to +48 V). We've included a microphone clip, stand adaptor and a rugged carrying case, for a long life of smooth operation.

The ECM8000 may very well become the single most-valuable tool in your bag of tricks, and it is ultra-affordable. Take the guesswork out of EQing, with the incredibly-accurate ECM8000 both at the gig and in the studio.

  • Well-balanced, true omnidirectional characteristic
  • Optimally suited for acoustic measurement applications
  • Phantom powered, +15 V to +48 V
  • Delivered in a rugged hard case with microphone clip and stand adapter
  • Extremely linear frequency response from 20 Hz to 20 kHz
  • Depth (mm): 115
  • Height (mm): 75
  • Width (mm): 290
  • Product Dimensions (mm): 75x290x115
  • Net weight (kg): 0.136
  • Colour: Silver
  • Frequency Response (Hz): 20Hz to 20KHz
  • Impedance (Ohms) : 200
  • Power Input: Phantom Power +15 to +48V
  • Sensitivity (dBV/Pa): -37dBV/Pa
  • Weight (kg): 0.136

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