Citronic 10" Speaker Bag

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These are GENERIC Speaker bags to fit speakers from Brands which include, FBT, Mackie, dB Technologies, EV & More. Because these are generic Bags, they may not fit perfectly! Please check the size of your speaker with the size of the bag below before you purchase as you may need a bigger or smaller size!

Durable padded fabric carry bags for most 10", 12" and 15" speakers. The loudspeaker can be used while the case is still fitted offering limited protection against the elements.

  • Velcro attached flaps allow access to handle, top hat and terminals
  • Generic fit is suitable for most 10", 12" and 15" speaker cabinets
  • 1 zipped handle flaps 
  • 10" Speaker Size
  • Dimensions - 490 x 330 x 321mm

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