Van Damme High Definition HiFi Speaker Cable 6mm

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Item Description

This range comprises 5 conductor sizes of shotgun speaker cable. These cables can be found in many professional environments; in particular the 4mm and 6mm speaker cables are used for critical near field monitoring in many world class recording and mastering studios as well as being the speaker cable of choice for more than one world class hi-fi equipment manufacturer. New 0.75mm and 1.5mm cables cater for domestic hi-fi and surround applications.


• High end domestic hi-fi cables
• Professional studio near field monitoring

Application notes

• Shotgun construction for easy conductor separation & identification
• Speaker cables have ultra fine 0.10mm conductors with 7 way plait construction to minimise the skin effect • Ultra pure oxygen free copper for outstanding sonic integrity

Priced Per Metre

Please selected the cable thickness

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