Pioneer Introduces the XDJ-RX3 Standalone DJ Controller - DY Pro Audio

Pioneer DJ has announced the all new XDJ-RX3 Standalone DJ System. The refreshed all in one model replaces the XDJ-RX2 which was very popular, to introduce new features, offer great home setups, mobile DJs, and venues.

The XDJ-RX3 has a few noticeably great features which include a improved color on job wheel, of which the weight can be adjusted via the feeling adjust control. Track information is now displayed in the centre of each wheel. The wheels are also more responsive than previous models. 

The RX3 comes with a 10.1 touch screen, which is the largest screen ever from Pioneer DJ, and it also uses the CDJ-3000s intuitive playlist navigation while adding a new playlist bank which allows artists to quickly access folder with a single touch. Users can also touch preview each track, and listen to any part of the track without loading it onto the deck. Another great feature added to the XDJ-RX3.

The controller is compatible with both Reckordbox on release and Serato DJ pro software from early 2022. You can of course use this standalone, however if you wanted to plug this into an laptop, you can to unlock Reckordbox Performance Mode. 

The XDJ-RX3 is priced up at £1699.00 and is now in stock ready for dispatch!