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About Our Turntables

Looking for a turntable? Look no further!

Somehow, we live in a world where the DJ turntable has outlived the CD player! This is because manufacturers have been able to add modern music making features to a commonly retro gadget in order to make something that can be paired with the gear you already have, like your DJ mixer or your DJ software.

Whether you have just started a vinyl collection or are a complete audiophile, we guarantee you will be impressed when you use our turntables. We stock two state of the art Pioneer turntables: the Pioneer PLX-500 and the Pioneer PLX-1000, as well as a Stageline DJP-104USB Belt Drive Turntable.

Direct Drive Turntables in Detail

These turntables are exceptionally well made, with a high-torque direct drive that ensures fabulous control and stable rotation, while the rubber insulated tonearm reduces the effect of vibrations. The turntables also come with a range of accessories such as a slip mat, dust cover, and audio cables.  

We stock direct drive DJ turntables because we know professional DJs need their turntable to operate as quickly as possible. Need to line up your tracks? Your turntable should make this job easy for you!

Your tempo and pitch control could not be easier with high quality direct drive DJ turntables, and you will be consistently impressed upon playback.  

Belt Drive Turntables in Detail

We also stock a state of the art belt drive turntable from Stageline. 

The main difference between belt drive and direct drive turntables is the way the machine works to move the record. A belt drive turntable is with a thin piece of usually rubber, moving around in a pulley system to spin your vinyl. 

Belt drives are seen as the best type of vinyl player to play your hits at home, whereas a direct drive is more effectively used for performance purposes. 

What’s the difference?

There are pros and cons to both types of drives, and ultimately there is no wrong choice!

The main difference between their performance is the speed. Direct-drive turntables are able to get up to speed very quickly, and DJs are able to accurately stop songs, experiment with speed, change pitch, and switch between their decks while playing. 

Belt drives can be more of a stable choice, though. The motor of a direct-drive turntable can cause distorted sounds due to the vibrations of the motor. Because a belt drive does not have a motor, this risk is not a concern.

DJ Turntable FAQs

What types of turntables are out there?

Turntables, while classically quite retro, have been updated and modified to match modern DJ's needs.

The two main types of turntable are belt drive and direct drive, but there are many different features on modern turntables that allow them to be used in many ways. Lots of modern turntables now have Bluetooth connectivity. Some are portable turntables or USB turntables, so professional DJs need not be concerned that they will lose some of the modern luxuries of music production.

Always check the product specifications to ensure your turntable matches what you need it to do!

Do I need a phono preamp?

In short, yes! A phono preamp connects your turntable and your amplifier. A hi-fi preamplifier will help to equalise the sound and correct any imbalances, making your production sound even smoother.

Be sure to check the product specifications before purchasing to be certain of which add-ons you need!

Does a turntable need an amplifier?

Yes, they do! Unless you have powered speakers with a built-in amplifier, you will need a separate one to make the signals strong enough for the speaker to sound out.

Browse our range of amplifiers, studio monitors, and speaker packages to create your turntable setup.

Ensure you are checking the product specifications of your turntable to be certain of which accessories and add-ons you may need.

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