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Van Damme XKE Starquad Microphone Cable 100m Black - DY Pro Audio


No, they are different. An XLR connector has two pins while a microphone cable has one pin. The difference between these connectors is that an XLR connector is used for audio signals, whereas a microphone cable is used for voice signals.

The best cable for a microphone is one that has a balanced plug. This means that both the left and right channels should be identical. If they aren't, then you need to use an unbalanced plug.

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The microphone cable makes no difference at all. However, some microphones come with a different cable for recording music, which has two wires instead of one. This is called phantom power, and it allows you to record audio from instruments such as guitars and pianos.

A microphone uses a coaxial cable. The audio signal travels through the centre conductor, which connects directly to the microphone input jack. The outer shield acts as a ground for the circuit.

A microphone cable connects to a sound card which is connected to a computer. The sound card converts digital audio signals into analogue signals that can be heard through speakers. Microphone cables come in different lengths and types depending on how much power they need to transmit. They are different from speaker cables and come in several specifications to suit different connecting needs.

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