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Pulse Windshield for Dynamic MicrophonesPulse Windshield for Dynamic Microphones
Pulse 40cm 400mm Gooseneck  Black
Pulse Microphone Pre Amp Amplifier
Universal Rubber Microphone Clip - 25-30mm
Pulse 30cm 300mm Gooseneck Black
Pulse Gooseneck Microphone Flange Mount  Black
Samson SP01 Spider Shock Mount - DY Pro Audio
Universal Rubber Microphone Spring Clip 22-38mm - DY Pro Audio
Pulse 40cm 400mm Gooseneck Chrome
Pulse 5 x Headset Microphone Windshields - DY Pro Audio
SoundLab Pop Shield with Spring Loaded Clip - DY Pro Audio
Pulse Dual/Stereo Microphone Mounting Bar - DY Pro Audio
Samson PS04 Microphone Pop Filter - DY Pro Audio
Pulse Chrome Gooseneck Microphone Flange Mount
Universal Rubber Microphone Clip 27-30mm - DY Pro Audio
QTX Microphone Stereo Bar - DY Pro Audio
QTX QTX Microphone Stereo Bar
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MickerPro UVS UV Sterilizer for Microphones - DY Pro AudioMickerPro UVS UV Sterilizer for Microphones - DY Pro Audio

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