JTS MA-XU XLR to USB Audio Adapter

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This very handy XLR-USB adaptor allows dynamic or condenser microphones to be digitally recordeded. This excellent solution allows the user to plug headphone directly into the adapter and, with volume controls, balance the volume between the microphone and playback audio. UIsing this method irradicates the problem of latency between the source and the playback.



Input : XLR

Input Impedance : 10K

Input Gain Range : 35dB Headphone Jack : 3.5mm stereo

Output:50mW (16) Indicator : USB.................Blue


Peak Level.....Green : Signal

Red : Peak

USB Connector : B type , Digital audio interface

Sampling Rate :

DAC: 32,44.1 , 48KHz

ADC: 8 , 11.025 , 16 , 22.05 , 32 , 44.1 , 48KHz Bit Depth : 16-Bit

USB Type : USB 1.1 / USB 2.0

Phantom Power : 48V±2V,15mA

Frequency Response : 25~20KHz±3dB Power consumption : 2.2W

Dimension (mm) : 117*31*28

Weight : 95g

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