Stagg Look Smart 10 Set Phone/Tablet Holder | LOOK SMART10SET

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Look Smart phone/tablet holder set with clamp and arm is perfect for attaching your phone or tabled to a Microphone or Music Stand. This would be perfect for Musicians, Bands, DJs that need to secure a tablet to a stand in a professional looking way!

- Type: Clamp, cradle and arm
- Fixing: On tubes and flat surfaces
- Suitable for: Devices with a height of 8.8 to 22.5 cm (3.5 to 8.9") and a thickness of 5 to 28 mm (0.2 to 1.1")
- Arm length: 0 to 32 cm (0 to 12.6")
- Tube material: Aluminium
- Features: Reinforced screw-in system and swivelling cradle



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