Hercules DJ Starter Kit

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This Bundle includes:

  • DJ-Control Starlight controller + USB cable
  • DJ-Monitor 32 speakers + 3 power cables (UK, US, Europe)
  • HDP DJ M 40.1 headphones
  • Serato DJ Lite
  • Quick Start Guide and warranty information

The Hercules DJ Starter Kit provides you with all the gear needed for a complete DJ setup and includes a 2-channel DJControl Starlight controller as well as a pair of DJMonitor 32 loudspeakers, a set of HDP DJ M40.2 headphones, and a free copy of Serato DJ Lite. This package is perfect for new and aspiring DJs looking for a compact DJ setup that’ll allow you to quickly learn all the basic mixing techniques so you can seamlessly craft exciting mixes using an array of professional DJ controls. 

The DJControl Starlight is an ultra-compact 2-channel DJ controller which comes with a wealth of popular functions and features as well as an integrated audio interface with both master and headphone outputs and lighting effects that dance along to your music. Both channels are equipped with transport controls with play, pause, cue, and sync buttons, these controls come with a secondary function when using the shift button and include a stutter, rewind, and sync off button. There is also a tempo fader for altering a track’s BPM alongside compact jog wheels that let you quickly search through a track or can be used to scratch when applying the vinyl control button while volume rotary controls mean you can gently bring new songs into your mix and a bass/filter control lets you EQ your low-end or perform filter sweeps. Four performance pads per deck allow you to trigger hot cues, loops, pad FX, and a sampler so you can beat juggle, trigger samples for live remixes, and introduce effects into your mixes.

The DJMonitor 32 active monitor speakers come as a pair and provide you with an impressive sound and a compact, highly-robust build that makes them perfect for bedroom DJs. Although the 32’s are small in size, they easily measure up to bigger models in the same category especially regarding quality and output power and have been designed and built with high-end components giving you an optimal sound and precision accuracy for the best sound reproduction possible and exceptional sound quality. These speakers come with 3-inch drivers alongside a shifted tweeter that provides you with cleaner rendering and a better stereo effect while dual bass ports give you a punchy low-end response. For the best sound possible you should angle the speaker’s 60-degrees between yourself and the speakers, it is also important to note you should position the speakers at a height that is level with your ears and the midpoint between the speaker's tweeters and wideband drivers. 

The HDP DJ M40.1 headphones let you focus into your mixes and allow you to isolate yourself away from your surroundings so you can easily monitor your cue’d tracks with ease. The M40.1 headphones come with excellent sound isolation which works to ensure you hear as little background noise as possible so you can focus into your monitored tracks for seamlessly beatmatching your tunes together. These headphones feature a strong audio output and are highly sensitive with drivers that allow for accurate bass reproduction and low impedance that ensures a high volume at all times. The headband can easily be adjusted to fit any head size while pivoting ear-cups feature large soft ear pads providing you with total comfort that shield against ambient noise while a sleek, professional design comes with black fabric and matte black housing. 

This starter DJ kit bundle comes complete with a copy of Serato DJ Lite, a free version of the hugely popular DJ application that offers a broad range of basic DJ features and functions so you can perform DJ sets and creatively manipulate your tracks for exciting performances. Serato DJ Lite features a variety of effects for you to utilise as well as a built-in sampler for triggering one-shots and loops which then let you perform live remixes or make use of the slip mode for cool scratching and beat looping effects. Both decks feature a waveform as well as all of the essential track data such as BPM, key, artist and track title, time elapsed and remaining, and hot cue markers. Serato DJ Lite is perfect for beginner and aspiring DJs and can easily be upgraded to the full version when you feel you’ve mastered the basics. 


Hercules DJ Equipment Starter Kit Key Features:

  • The complete kit to get started with Serato DJ Lite and become a DJ.
  • Hercules DJControl Starlight: 2-deck DJ controller with built-in audio interface.
  • Serato DJ Lite: DJ software for PC/Mac?, included with the controller.
  • Hercules DJMonitor 32: 2 x 15 watts RMS active speakers, perfect for mixing at home.
  • Hercules HDPDJ M 40.1: DJ headphones for monitoring upcoming tracks.

Hercules DJControl Starlight 2-Channel DJ Controller Technical Specifications:

  • Built-in audio interface
  • Master out for speakers: 1/8” stereo (3.5 mm)
  • Headphones out: 1/8” stereo (3.5 mm)Audio resolution: 24-bit/44.1 kHz
  • Controls Per Deck: 2 decks
  • Touch detection on jog wheel
  • Backlit Base: Visual information controlled by Serato DJ Lite, Put on a stunning show with the RGB strobe effect backlighting
  • 4 pads x 4 modes (hot-cue, loop, fx, sampler)
  • Crossfader; master volume knob; headphones volume knob; 1 bass EQ/filter knob per deck; 1 deck volume knob per deck

Hercules DJMonitor 32 Speakers Technical Specifications:

  • ON/OFF switch
  • Master volume control
  • Power LED
  • Shifted tweeter for clearer rendering and a more noticeable stereo effect in the space
  • Dual bass vent
  • Acoustic guide optimized for high-performance sound reproduction
  • Cabinet made from 6 mm (0.24”) MDF
  • RCA audio inputSatellites connected by terminal block
  • RMS output power: 2 x 15 watts
  • Peak power: 60 wattsFrequency response: 60Hz – 20.000 Hz
  • Dimensions: 195 mm x 135 mm x 155 mm / 7.68” x 5.31” x 6.10” (H x L x D)
  • Right satellite: 1.425 kg (3,14 lbs)
  • Left satellite: 1.250 kg (2.76 lbs)
  • Internal power supply

Hercules HDP DJ M40.1 Headphones Technical Specifications:

  • Audio playback
  • 95 dB at 1 mW sensitivity
  • Audible frequency range: 20 Hz – 20 kHz
  • Drivers for DJ mixing
  • 60 ohm impedance
  • Large aperture
  • 50 mm driver diameter
  • Connectivity: 2 m cable, 1/8”/3.5 mm stereo mini-jack plug, 1/4”/6.35 mm stereo jack adapter
  • Ear-cups: closed-back circumaural design
  • 2 rotation axes
  • Earpieces: vertical rotation (180 degrees) for easy 1-ear monitoring
  • Earpiece supports: Horizontal rotation (90 degrees) for folding and transport, and to direct the
  • earpiece toward the user’s ear when headphones are worn around the neck
  • Single-wire cabling (wire attached to left ear-cup)


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