Mackie CR8S-XBT 8'' Monitor Subwoofer with Bluetooth

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Effortless setup, phenomenal sound. When you combine the Mackie CR8S-XBT 8'' Monitor Subwoofer with your speakers, you'll never want to switch it off. Providing professional studio-grade bass, this high-performance sub is the ideal addition to any studio, multimedia, or audiophile system.

Get flexible. This high-performance monitor subwoofer lets you adjust the input level of your sound sources with ease, as well as the crossover frequency, polarity, and subwoofer output level. So you can dial in the perfect sound in seconds directly from the back of your sub. And with the included CRDV volume control, optimising the levels of your system is even easier.

You can even connect Bluetooth-enabled devices to your sub for wireless audio streaming. And even if the speakers you have connected to your sub don't have Bluetooth, the subwoofer will act as a receiver and allow you to play your music through your system with ease.

The sound you've been looking for

Musician? Producer? Content creator? Gamer? Whatever you do, you want to be able to hear your sound with the clarity, depth and power it deserves. And with the Mackie CR8S-XBT Monitor Subwoofer reinforcing the low-end of your system, that's exactly what you can do. With a high-performance 8'' woofer combined with Mackie's outstanding amplification, every bass frequency is reproduced with incredible clarity and impact. And when combined with a pair of Mackie CR-X series monitor speakers, you'll be able to hear your sound the way it deserves to be heard.

You're in control

Getting connected to your CR8S-XBT is simple. Stream your audio wirelessly via Bluetooth, or plug your sound sources directly into your subwoofer via the L/R 1/4'' TRS or L/R RCA connectors on the rear panel. The L/R TRS and RCA outputs on the other side of the rear panel can then be used to connect the sub to your full-range speakers, such as a pair of CR-X multimedia monitor speakers.

But that's not all. In between the input and output sections, you can find a few handy controls. The top one lets you adjust the input level of your sound sources. Below that, there's the subwoofer output level. The next one down is where you can tailor your subwoofer's response to match your full-range speakers by adjusting the crossover frequency. You can choose your desired frequency between 40Hz and 180Hz. And finally, a handy polarity switch allows you to reverse the polarity of your subwoofer to help improve the LF response based on the position of your speakers and subwoofer.

The CR8S-XBT also comes complete with a handy CRDV Desktop Volume Control. You can simply plug this into the dedicated input on the rear of your subwoofer, providing you with intuitive tactile control over your system's volume.

Wireless audio streaming

If you have a Bluetooth-enabled device that can play music, you can stream your sound directly to your monitor speaker system via your CR8S-XBT without being tied down by cables. Even if your full-range speakers or monitors aren't equipped with Bluetooth functionality, having your subwoofer connected to them lets you stream to your speakers with ease. Transmit and control your sound from your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or other device, and enjoy every detail with that signature CR series sound quality.

In it for the long haul

If you know Mackie, you probably know that they are incredibly proud of their 'Built-Like-A-Tank' approach to construction. Their products are living proof that eternal life is a possibility. Because when you buy a Mackie product, you're not just buying a new piece of equipment. You're investing in your future.


  • Studio-quality sound with sleek aesthetics
  • Bluetooth connectivity for seamless wireless audio streaming
  • Ideal for making music, creating content, gaming, general listening, and more
  • High-performance 8'' woofer delivers outstanding low-end performance
  • Variable crossover via the rear panel control knob (40Hz to 180Hz)
  • Polarity switch with 0° and 180° options
  • Adjustable input level and subwoofer output level
  • Flexible input connectivity via L/R 1/4'' TRS, L/R RCA inputs, and Bluetooth
  • L/R 1/4'' TRS and L/R RCA outputs for connecting to your full-range speakers
  • Rugged and attractive brushed metal front panel with a distinctive outlined design
  • Robust wooden cabinet provides a natural sound with outstanding durability
  • Comes complete with a Mackie CRDV Desktop Volume Control for intuitive level adjustments


  • Woofer Size: 8''
  • Bluetooth: Yes
  • Inputs:
    • Left/right 1/4'' TRS
    • Left/right RCA
    • Bluetooth (for wireless audio streaming)
    • 1/4'' socket for CRDV Volume Control
  • Outputs:
    • Left/right 1/4'' TRS
    • Left/right RCA
  • Controls:
    • Input level control knob
    • Sub output level control knob
    • Crossover frequency control knob (40Hz/80Hz/120Hz/180Hz markers)
    • Polarity switch (0°/180°)
    • Rear ON/OFF power switch
  • Enclosure Front Material: Brushed metal panel
  • Power Supply: 100-240VAC
  • Power Connection: IEC
  • Weight: 12.84kg
  • Product Code: 2052123-03

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