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There's more to your sound than meets the eye. So unleash it without compromise with the Mackie SRM215 V-Class Active PA Speaker. Boasting the latest in cutting-edge audio technology, including 2000W of raw Class-D power, precision-engineered components, and incredibly powerful DSP and mixing capabilities, you'll be ready for anything the world throws at you.

Take advantage of best-in-class performance, and deliver enormous SPLs with unparalleled clarity and detail. The SRM215 V-Class has been designed to provide a high output without sacrificing quality, making sure you can be heard the way you deserve to be. And with Mackie's signature 'Built-Like-A-Tank' construction, premium components, and advanced protection, you can rely on your speaker night after night.

Performance reimagined

The SRM series. Mackie's answer to professional sound reinforcement. One that has developed a devoted following from some of the world's most experienced performers and engineers. And now they've taken it up another notch. Boasting the latest in cutting edge technology, astounding power figures, and meticulously-engineered components, SRM V-Class loudspeakers bring you the ultimate in professional performance.

It's all in the details

And that's why Mackie left no stone unturned when designing the SRM215 V-Class. The high-performance 15'' woofer inside utilises large, ultra-powerful magnets, ensuring that it can perform efficiently and effectively. There's also an over-engineered speaker motor and voice coil, which work in harmony to deliver an enhanced output with outstanding transient precision. All in all, this woofer is capable of reproducing low and mid frequencies with astonishing impact and definition.

But of course, the woofer isn't the only transducer in there. A premium 1.4'' polymer HF driver resides above it, boasting an incredibly linear response for natural high-frequency reproduction. There's no overbearing frequencies here, just pure detail and a mesmerising shimmer, perfectly complementing the power of the woofer.

Then there's the horn. The SRM215 V-Class is equipped with an intelligently-designed Sym-X™ horn, ensuring distortion is kept to an absolute minimum, even when pushing your speaker hard. And at the crossover point, this horn ensures that the response is both flat and perfectly symmetrical. So your mid-range is as smooth as butter.

Intelligent technology and raw, unadulterated power

The evolution of technology has changed our world dramatically. Even light bulbs and toasters are loaded with features that would have seemed so alien to us just a decade or two ago. But if there's one aspect of life where technology has made a dramatic impact on performance, it's the technology you'll find in speakers. And with Mackie's SRM V-Class speakers, it's some of the most advanced technology you'll find today.

It all starts with the amplifier. And what an amplifier it is. Crowned Mackie's most advanced amp platform to date, this 2000W Class-D module ensures maximum stability with incredible headroom and audio fidelity. It's also the beating heart behind the SRM215 V-Class' ability to produce huge SPLs (which are the highest of any speaker in its class). And with its unrivaled reliability and universal power supply with Power Factor Correction, it can go all night, every night.

And it doesn't stop there. You can take advantage of Mackie's Advanced Impulse™ DSP to deliver phenomenal sound from start to finish. This proprietary technology gives you precise acoustic tuning capabilities, providing crystal-clear sound throughout your speaker's entire dispersion zone. You don't have to hope that people are standing in the sweet spot of the room anymore. Because the entire room is the sweet spot now.

There's more

SRM V-Class loudspeakers don't just have one or two useful bits of tech. They're literally full to the brim with intelligent features that give you the sound you deserve. Proprietary low frequency management technology ensures that the tonal balance and output level of your speaker is maintained to perfection. There's no loose, muddy, or distorted bass from your SRM215 V-Class. It's just tight, punchy, and full of impact. And then there's the ability to wirelessly link two SRM V-Class speakers together via Bluetooth for seamless stereo or dual zone audio streaming across a range of up to 100-metres.

And then we come to the mixer. With an SRM Mix Control™ 4-channel digital mixer built into the speaker itself, you're in complete control over every aspect of your sound directly from the rear panel. Connect microphones, instruments, other line signals, and more with ease, stream audio via Bluetooth, and adjust parameters without hassle. A high-contrast full-colour display with a single-knob control means you can make adjustments with ease, including levels, equalisation, alignment delay, voicing modes, presets, and more. And you can lock everything to keep it safe with a handy 4-digit passcode. You can even control everything from the palm of your hand using Mackie's convenient SRM Connect™ app on your tablet or smartphone.

In it for the long haul

If you know Mackie, you probably know that they are incredibly proud of their 'Built-Like-A-Tank' approach to construction. Their products are living proof that eternal life is a possibility. Because when you buy a Mackie product, you're not just buying a new piece of equipment. You're investing in your future. SRM V-Class loudspeakers are no exception. Sporting rugged all-wood enclosures and premium components, they boast that superior, rock-solid reliability that you have come to know and love. And with a dual-angled cabinet design, as well as a dual-angle pole-mount receptacle, positioning your speaker for the best performance is a breeze.


  • Best performance, sound quality, and reliability in its class
  • Industry-leading 2000W Class-D amplifier with transparent system limiting and protection
  • Superior sound with Advanced Impulse™ DSP tuning and proprietary Intelligent Bass Management
  • High-performance transducers and a custom Sym-X™ horn for unmatched clarity and accuracy
  • SRM Mix Control™ built-in 4-channel digital mixer complete with Bluetooth connectivity
  • Complete wireless control capabilities via the SRM Connect™ app
  • Wirelessly link multiple SRM V-Class speakers together for music streaming applications and control
  • Dual-angle pole mount and dual-angle all-wood cabinet provide flexible positioning options
  • Can be used as a high-performance floor monitor
  • Mackie's signature 'Built-Like-A-Tank' construction


  • LF Transducer: 15'' woofer
  • HF Transducer: 1.4'' polymer HF driver
  • Maximum SPL: 136dB
  • Frequency Response: 40Hz to 20kHz
  • Coverage: 60° x 40° (H x V)
  • Power Supply: Universal, 100-240VAC
  • Dimensions: 732mm x 391mm x 447mm
  • Weight: 22.2kg
  • Product Code: 2050930-03


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