Stagg 10m Microphone XLR Cable Green

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Stagg premium quality professional microphone & audio signal coonection cable is made from high quality 3 pin XLR connectors and is wrapped in a super flexible PVC jacket. Stagg leads are manufactured using noticeably more flexible cable than most other leads on the market. The extra flex is highly durable this makes Stagg cables stronger, and more immune to damage, meaning they will last for years. Balanced cable will minimise interference and transmit a much stronger signal.

These are most commonly used as microphone leads and widely used as signal cables for studio and stage applications (i.e mixer to active speaker and alike). Although we do recommend DMX lead, These are often used by many as lighting signal cables for short DMX chains. These can also be used for Microphones, DI Boxes, Mixing Desks, Amplifiers, Active Speakers, Anything with an XLR Male at one end and an XLR Female at the other!

  • Male to Female XLR Cable
  • Flexible Durable PVC Outer Sleeving 
  • High Grade Oxygen Free Coper Balanced Cable
  • High Quality 3 Pin XLR Connecter
  • Cable offers a lifetime warranty!
  • Length: 10m
  • Colour: Green



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